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Full… DUBAI | The End.

FULL IMMERSION… Rhinoceros+Cinema4D+VRay Certificate Training Course… DUBAI! | March 2016 – SamiloLab.

Last week in Dubai at Hawthorn Hotel in JBR the Full Immersion Certificate Training Course (Rhino + Cinema 4D + Vray) took place.

What to say…There is only one word that can be considered the “main character” of the course: “AMAZING”.
This is the truth…busy days, test, a lot of argumentsto be learned…but sharing our know-how with students from different countriesmade us very satisfied and proud of our work.

Was so nice to share with them every single moment in these intense days, especially passion for architecture, 3D modeling and photorealistic rendering.
Exchange and sharing our knowledges with other cultures have to continue to be the main goal of our work.

A special thanks to all our Arab students.

We hope that this event will be followed with many others of the same.

See you soon!
Samilo Team

Some pics of the course:


Full Immersion… Rhinoceros Cinema4D Vray DUBAI – The End | Samilolab